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How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Buy the Right Home




How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Buy the Right Home

Caregivers take on many responsibilities. They take care of their loved one’s physical, emotional, and social needs. Being a caregiver means you help seniors age well, and in many cases, help them remain living in their own homes. If a senior loved one you take care of is looking to buy a house, here are some of the best ways you can help.


1. Discuss the perks of buying a house

Start a downsizing conversation by acknowledging the memories and attachment to your patient’s current home. This can provide an opportunity for discussing challenges like home maintenance and costs. Discuss the benefits of buying a home as well. They’ll experience emotional and mental stability in owning their own home.  They can even have their own yard and garden to tinker around in.


2. Find a home with rooms that will be used regularly

When you start your search, go online first to make the process easy. When you’re helping your senior look for a new home, help them identify how many rooms they need. Maximizing living space in highly-used rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms, is important. This can prevent the accumulation of more stuff as well, since each room will be used to its full purpose and there won’t be so much white space that your senior might be tempted to fill.


3. Look at homes that fit present and future needs

Here’s another perk of buying a new home: downsizing can free up equity in a current home to completely purchase a different one that fits an individual’s current or future needs. Perhaps your loved one’s current home has stairs, and it would be beneficial for them to buy a single-level dwelling. Look for homes that have previously-installed modifications, such as grab bars and lever-style door handles for easy gripping.


4. Search for a good community

One study from Harvard mentions that a major hurdle many seniors face when they consider moving is concerns about their social connections wherever they might move. Have your senior consider retirement communities or adults-only neighborhoods. If they move to an area where the social scene is robust, they can find at least one good friend.


5. Find free boxes for packing

While purchasing the house and moving services are the biggest expenses of moving, a lot of other minor costs can add up to create an even heftier bill. One way you can help your senior avoid this is by searching for free boxes. There are often people who post about free boxes online in local classifieds. You can also ask friends and family if they have anything to spare.


6. Pack what you want to keep first

Instead of trying to go through everything and determining a “yes” or “no” pile, pack the most important items first. Meticulous labeling is a particularly important moving tip for people who are downsizing, because it makes the unpacking and moving-in process significantly easier.


7. Sell items to make extra money

After you’ve helped your senior determine what they want to keep and have safely packed it all away, see if you can sell the rest so you can keep down costs even more. Regardless of what you want to sell, odds are that you’ll be able to find an online platform to do it.


8. Have everything ready by moving day

Packing up items and getting them all into boxes can be a complicated process, especially since there will be important items your senior will need to move last. Help them avoid procrastination by packing up everything they can so it’s all ready on moving day. If your senior is hiring movers, this will make things far more efficient and help them save on costs, especially if the movers charge by the hour.

The design and structure of homes in the future will change as homes are designed for practical living for people of all ages. This is especially important for your senior, who needs a home that can help them enjoy their best life. The moving process can be stressful, but their quality of life quality will improve.