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How to Downsize to an Age-Friendly Home


Big homes are great when you’re raising a family. But as you grow older, all that square footage becomes troublesome. Heating and cooling a big home is costly, and long days of chores aren’t exactly how you imagined spending your senior years.

Instead of staying put in a home that’s too big, why not downsize? When you move into a right-sized home, you enjoy greater convenience and comfort in retirement. Here’s where to start.

Learn Your Home’s Value

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Set a Home Buying Budget

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Start Your House Hunt

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Start Downsizing Your Stuff

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Plan Ahead for Moving Day

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There are a lot of benefits to downsizing your home. Not only will you save money on house payments and utility bills, but downsizing is an opportunity to find a home that’s age-friendly and convenient for your senior years. Instead of putting off a downsize, start planning your move to a simpler life.